Are you struggling with trying to get your life back on a path that is going to help you succeed?

Here at Coral Sands Treatment Center in Saint George, one of our main priorities is to help you envision your future; to zoom in on your specific needs and wants in order to help you RE-FOCUS and start making great things happen in your life again.


It is very achievable if you believe and trust in yourself. Know that you are capable of anything in this world.

Here are 8 ways we are going to help you get back on the path to success:

Rest: Are you exhausted? Rest is key to establishing individuality. It gives you an appreciation for silence sleep. Rest is also key to doing whatever you want. You’ve got to be well rested in order to perform your best. Just keep in mind that rest is valuable and we teach our students not to take advantage of it here at Coral Sands.

Relax: Whatever you consider relaxing, do it. Meditate, do yoga, breathe, take a bath, walk your dogs, get cozy, watch a movie, and of course try to fit some reading in!

Resting and relaxing should be a value to all of us. The point where it turns into lazy is when we start taking advantage of it. It should be a treat. Make it count.

Detox: One of the more important steps to our unique recovery program involves detoxification. The point of detoxing is to get rid of all the harmful substances that linger. In your mind, body, soul, whatever you’re struggling with, detoxing will make you feel like you’ve just lifted a really large weight off your shoulders.

Food: We all know the importance of food. Foods are nutrients as long as we eat the ones that nourish our body. At Coral Sands, we’re here to educate on the significance of a healthy life. Teaching our students about nutrition is a number one priority.

Sleep: Some of us think we’re invincible and that we’ll be fine without sleep. Fact of the matter is, we get tired and that’s when we need to shut our eyes in order to recharge. Recharging assists in our ability to Re-Focus.

Physical Activity: Being an active person goes hand in hand with living a healthy lifestyle. We may not want to believe it, but it’s true and there’s not way to get around it. Seek to create your perfect routine of exercise that makes you feel energized.

Core Values: Values. What morals and values do you have? Are you honest? Are you accountable? Are you respectful? Forgiving? Trustworthy? Here, we strive to guide you into stages of life where all of this comes with ease. For it to come with ease, there has to be effort. Effort is sparked from practice. Practice being honest and accountable. Make it a goal to be more respectful and forgiving. Trust yourself and trust others if it feels right. All of what we believe to be core values will help you to envision your future; the future you want.

Workshop Sessions: Our workshops sessions include a variety of valuable lessons that teach the students about how we are all each our own advocate in life. It’s up to us to live a fulfilled life created by journey. We help you feel willing to adventure out into the world and define success for yourself.

It takes a lot of energy and urge to Re-Focus. Envision your future. It can be exhausting and can cause some discouragement at times, however, what we need to keep in mind is that by recovering from our troubles, we see miracles. YOU have to want it for YOUrself.

Envision Your Future: 8 Ways to Help You RE-FOCUS