There’s nothing you can’t achieve once you find courage to get out of your own way.

Too often we relate pessimism with reality and optimism with unrealistic ideas. We often feel like we are too old, or the time has passed to take leaps of faith, be daring, and go after our hearts desires. We’ve learned to have feelings of doubt the older we get, but these feelings have no real control over us, and it’s about time we start realizing this fact. It’s time to find courage within us.

It’s never too late to change your life. We only get one, and we should make sure we live it to its full potential. Have adventures, feel happiness, achieve personal success! These are all things that we are capable of doing at any age, but why wait any longer, it’s time to bust out of your comfort zone.find-your-courage

Many of us feel the need to be in control of situations, and because of this we refuse to venture into the unknown. But the unknown is where adventure and success waits for us, all we have to do is find courage and take the first step into the unknown.

Here is a simple way to evaluate whether or not you should step out of you comfort zone:

  • Think about the situation in question.
  • Turn your attention inwards-focus on your breath, stop doing what you were doing, and just breathe.
  • Imagine it playing out in your mind.
  • Does thinking about it give you a sense of expansion or contraction?

If you are feeling a sense of expansion-joy, excitement, and other positive feelings-your innate intuition is letting you know this is a path you should follow.

If it gives you a feeling of contraction-negative anxiety, shortness of breath, and fear-your innate intuition is letting you know that this is something that you should skip.

Once you start doing this exercise with opportunities that present themselves, you’ll find yourself taking more chances and the reward will be exponential. You’ll find yourself automatically assessing situations in a matter of seconds and making what seem like split decisions, but are really well thought out actions controlled by your intuition.

Take a deep breath and find courage within yourself and you’ll achieve things you never thought you were capable of.