Are you wondering if Coral Sands is the right place for you? Are you wondering if we can help you with your personal issues? Do you worry that we don’t have the experience necessary to help you and others with common struggles?

Here at Coral Sands, there are six common struggles we list. This does not mean that these six common struggles are the only ones we’ve dealt with throughout our professional career. Often times, most common struggles can be combined into other categories, which is why we’ve narrowed it down to six.

Regardless of what your struggle may be, we can help you get back on track. We are here for it all.

Here are 6 common struggles that we deal with on a day to day basis:


Addiction is one of the more common struggles out there. Whether you’ve struggled with addiction yourself or have had a close loved one struggle with it, chances are that you know a little something about addiction. With our unique treatment program, we want to help our clients wash away those cravings and urges that lead to addiction.


Depression is also one of the more common struggles. If you are suffering from depression, we are here to show you that there’s always something to be happy for. We’re here to help you climb out of that slump and realize there are such beautiful things in the world to be discovered.


Anxiety is something we all experience. In addition, some people truly struggle with it and that’s completely normal. Here at Coral Sands, our professionals are here to guide you towards less anxiety and knowing when to take a breather. We focus on demonstrating to our clients that our reactions are always in our own hands and once we can master the art of being calm during any situation, then we’re headed towards a path of endless success.


Pain is also one of the common struggles we all go through. Whatever pain you may be suffering from, we are here to help you. No matter what, we are here to advise you and show you ways to conquer the miserable things that cause you pain.


Are you frustrated with things going on in your life? Are you frustrated with family, friends, or coworkers? Coral Sands is here to show you that you can use frustration as positive fuel to better your life.


Feeling under pressure is the last of many common struggles we deal with. Everybody has major influences in their life which sometimes lead to unnecessary pressure. We’re here to show you how to cope with pressure you may be putting on yourself or pressure you may be feeling from others.

As said before, we deal with an endless amount of common struggles. Our mission is to get you to a place where you feel like you can take on the world. Call us today!

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