Pinpoint what triggers your anxiety

It’s important to identify the emotion that is causing your anxiety. Once you know what triggers your anxiety you can begin to understand how to deal with it. When you understand your triggers you can begin to control them and stop giving them control over your life.

Get your body moving with some exercise
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Exercise is one of the best things you can do to help with anxiety. If you’re feeling stressed try running it out. We all know that yoga is great for your mind and your body…so give yoga a try and relieve the tension your body and your mind has built up.  Don’t forget to breatheWe always know that when we take a moment and a deep breath we begin to feel better. When we are anxious and in a heated moment, we tend to lose our cool. It’s important to take a moment, count to ten and re-examine the situation. When your body is anxious, the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide is off, so it’s important to take a moment and a few deep breaths.

Stop letting your emotions control you

You have power over your mind, which has power over your emotions. Take control of your mind and it will help you control our emotions. Meditation can help you be more in tune with your emotions. This can help you put the anxiety inducing situation into perspective.

Don’t forget to laugh

Anxiety needs to be treated with humor. When you start to look at the situation that is causing you anxiety with some humor it can help you gain some perspective. It can allow you to see the situation as less dramatic as you are probably making it out to be. It can help show you how arbitrary and petty the anxiety-inducing situation can be.