Are you struggling to find a place where professionals are here to help guide you towards the life you want to live? If this is the case, Coral Sands is definitely the place for you.


Coral Sands is highly successful because we use evidence-based therapies that are client centered to fit individual needs and regardless of one’s perceived status in life, our uniquely trained team of professionals will develop a specific plan for your unique and specific needs.

Our clients learn how to overcome and take control of their lives by realizing they have the strength of character to live successfully and happily.

Here are 5 reasons why Coral Sands is the place for you:

We have a great team of educated and caring professionals.

Our professionals will help you learn the physiological, emotional, social, environmental, and familial factors that may trigger relapse. We will provide a safe and supportive environment and empower you to overcome the stigma and the self-destruction that comes from addiction and mental health issues.

Coral Sands is a no judgement zone.

Here at Coral Sands, you will not be judged. We are here to help you, not to hold things against you that you may have done in your past. We are here to assist you in triumphing over these issues you may have with yourself, with others, or anything for that matter. A no judgement zone basically means we have no opinion and we only give advice that will help better you as a person.

We are here for you.

It’s as simple as that. We are here for you and only you. We may have multiple clients at at time, but that doesn’t change our drive to focus on your unique and specific needs. We are here to help you along that path of turning your life into the best life it can be.

We help you take very meaningful yet baby steps towards handling real life situations.

We want to help you ease back into life here at Coral Sands. We are here to give you advice on what has worked for us. Clients then take everything they’ve learned and apply it to the real world. We’re here to help you with real world situations that you may not have encountered or maybe you have. Regardless, we are here simply to counsel you in your journey.

Lastly, our location is dreamy.

Coral Sands is located in the beautiful city of St. George, Utah. Not only is the city beautiful, but so is the facility. Not only are we located in a beautiufl city, we also have millions of outdoor activities at the tips of our fingers. These activities include hiking, biking, rappelling, canyoneering, bouldering, rock climbing, and so much more. You will absolutely love this place.

Each of these areas have specific treatments to help you cope with the urges and triggers that come from addiction or whatever it is that you’re currently suffering from. This includes any co-occurring mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, and mood disorders. Because addiction and mental health disorders are a brain issue, it affects your ability to make rational decisions which affects your entire life. It is time to gain control of your life again and we, Coral Sands, can help.

Coral Sands | Saint George | Utah