Here at Coral Sands, the best treatment facility in Southern Utah, we have created a treatment plan that focuses on three specific points to recovery. These points were developed by our highly trained and experienced team of professionals, and will be implemented into a plan that has been created for your unique and specific needs.

We use individualized treatment plans for our clients so that they are given the tools they need to overcome what they are struggling with. As the best treatment facility in Southern Utah we want to help our clients take control of their lives and realize the strength that they have within themselves. We have created three tools that will allow you to regain control of your treatment in southern utah


As the best treatment facility in Southern Utah we teach you how to refocus your mind and body to help you detox, rest, and rejuvenate. During this refocusing period we help clients learn about their addictions and mental health issues and how these toxic things are affecting the way you think plus your emotions and body.

During this refocusing phase we focus on the core values of acceptance and accountability.


During the refocusing phase we create a specific and unique plan for a client’s recovery and teach them how to take accountability and accept where they are at in their journey. Once a client has accepted that they need help, we give them the tools to recover from whatever might be causing problems in their lives.

When an individual receives the correct tools for their recovery process, they are able to apply them and take control of their lives. When dealing with addiction, depression, or anxiety it’s important to have the correct tools in order to prevent relapse and to create a balance in life.


As the best treatment facility in Southern Utah we make sure that an individual is ready to leave treatment and re-enter their daily lives. We make sure every client has been successful in the refocus and retool phases and are ready to be relaunched and are the healthiest version of themselves. We help create a support system with continuing care and appropriate referrals. Coral Sands has regular workshops and seminars available to all former clients to serve as re-freshers and help keep individuals on track.

Coral Sands is the best treatment facility in Southern Utah, visit us today.