Detox (mind and body), rest and rejuvenate, learn about addiction and mental health issues, how they affect your thinking, emotions, and your body.

Food – Sleep – Physical Activity

Individual – Group – Family Workshop Sessions

Core Values – Acceptance and Accountability – During this Re-Focus Phase we will design the rest of your program for your specific needs.


A specific plan based on your personal needs will be designed for you during the Re-Focus Phase. You will be given the tools to help you succeed in your recovery. For more details, please call for a personal consultation. We are ready for your call now. 866-855-8222

Taking control and creating balance in life coping skills and dealing with urges and cravings.

Dealing with depression and anxiety – developing tools and skills to prevent relapse – create balance in life work and family.

Exercise, Experiential Activities, Individual, Group, Family Workshop Sessions, Acceptance, Forgiveness, moving forward, over-come issues with legal, family, and friends.

Communication, boundaries, addressing your needs.

**Bottom Line “Sharpen the Saw and Strengthen the Character”**


A Recovery (re-launch) plan specific to you. Being more aware of what you need and how to be the healthiest version of yourself. We will help you build a support system with continuing care and appropriate referrals.

Unique to CORAL SANDS, regular workshops and seminars for all former clients to attend. Serves as a great “re-fresher” and help keep you on track. You can attend as often as you like.